Which is the best choice for your groceries, paper, or plastic bags? In fact, it is neither. Over the years people used to shop with their own reusable baskets or bags, where convenience is paramount, and we keep adding, disposing, and using new ones. Fortunately, today we face the problem of constantly throwing things away and returning to the "good old days" of carrying a reusable bags, box, or shopping bag with us at the grocery store.

Plastic bags may be useful, but retailers spend about $ 4 billion a year, not to mention plastic bags pose a threat to the environment, killing thousands of marine mammals by mistaking them for food each year. They take more than 1,000 years to decompose in landfills, and before they are completely extinct, they will break down into hundreds of tiny toxic particles that seep into the soil. 

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We have several options, and they can be stylish and fun, and eco-friendly. These reusable pouches made from recycled rice bags are cute, durable, and long-lasting. Using this bag means that the bag won't go to the trash, while the ability to sew it into something new gives them a job, confidence, and hope. 

These reusable bags are available in a variety of bright colors and vary slightly depending on the needs of the company. They are even waterproof and easy to clean, which beats everyday plastic or paper grocery bags and saves money in stores where retailers charge bags and help the environment a lot.