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Black Truffle Salt For Cinco De Mayo and Beyond

While traditionally made from hard clays, truffle salts come in a wide variety of mineral compositions, each rich in its own particular set of aromatic compounds. Truffle salt is one of those wonderful culinary treasures-a definite must-have in any kitchen! But how did this soft-spoken, tiny crystal salt come to capture our collective imagination? It seems the humble origins of truffle could have had something to do with the dark, smoky, French Quarter feel that many New Orleans residents and visitors seem to enjoy so much. The rich, salty air of this old southern town makes perfect sense for the long history of truffle.

truffle salts

Traditionally, truffle salts have been made by heating Clay pots in the oven, until the material is soft enough to scoop out and spread the powder over the baking sheets. While still tightly sealed in the pot, the steam permeates the dry salt, providing a deep earthy taste all too readily enjoyed by those who savor its subtle scent. Unlike other truffle salts, however, truffle salts made from black truffle salt are typically less oily and have a stronger aroma than the more common white salt. In addition, black truffle salts are also prized because they retain much more of their saltiness than do white salts. As a result, truffle salts which are scented with a light musky aroma have a unique and somewhat exotic taste, unlike any other form of salt you may have tried.

No matter the kind of salt used, however, one cannot discount the distinctive flavors associated with truffle. Whether you’re buying them for an authentic Nuevo style Cinco de Mayo celebration or just trying them out at home, these small crystal salt pieces have a way of grabbing your senses and leaving you craving for more. Truffle snacks and pastries make wonderful finger foods or larger-than-normal sandwiches. They also pair nicely with grilled dishes or soups, and can even be sprinkled over just about any kind of fruit juice or beverage. When you’re ready to top off your party food or desserts, consider sprinkling some black truffle salt over everything instead of using more traditional salt.

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