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Black Truffle Sea Salt Enhances the Elegance of Foods

black truffle sea salt

Black Truffle Sea Salt Enhances the Elegance of Foods

What makes a great truffle? A big question for many people. Is it the salt? The flavor? Perhaps it is all of these things. Whatever your personal preferences are for truffles, one thing is certain – if you love black truffle salt, you’re in luck!

Uses: Black truffles are used in the kitchen almost as much as they are eaten. An incredibly delicate and delightful accompaniment to eggs, pasta, and red meat; something as innocent and simple as popcorn suddenly becomes gourmet fare simply with a little bit of the salt. For example, instead of using the regular table salt that you have been using for years, try using a black truffle sea salt instead. It has a unique flavor that some people cannot resist. Other uses include:

Seasoning: Many of us do not consider seasonings when we are making a dish. However, there is no better seasoning for Italian black truffles than the earthy flavors of the salt itself. You will definitely enjoy the flavor. Add it to soups, salads, vegetables, fish, meat dishes, cheese, sauces, and everything else you make.

Flavoring: Most cooks know that black truffles taste best when salted. However, there are some people who do not care for the salty taste, and opt instead for the sweet and crisp flavor of the truffles. To them, black truffle salt is not the salt they should be using. If you are one of these people, try using white sea salt instead.

Elegant Combination: Another reason why black truffle salt is so great is because of its elegant combination with olive oil. When you cook it, the flavors meld together to create a delightful and complex flavor. The olive oil also helps in keeping the bread from being dry and crunchy on the outside. This combination is truly an extraordinary combination. It is a real treat to eat and to serve to friends and family.

Addictive Taste: Salty and a hint of black truffle salt, add up to a delicious and addictive combination. Many people who never thought they would like truffles actually do, and those who have never tasted it before find themselves coming back for more. It really is a wonderful thing. Try sprinkling some on some thin sliced French fries, or adding them to some pasta sauce, or spreading them over some nice fresh bread.

Deliciousness: The combination of flavors just works. In fact, I would even go as far as to say it’s the best mixture you can use. When you use truffles, you really are creating an experience unlike any other. By combining black truffle salt with a bit of olive oil, you create a food that is both delectable and healthy. There is no better way to enjoy a meal.

So, what do you use truffle salt for? Well, you could sprinkle it on just about anything to create a delightful flavor. If you want to create an interesting effect, try sprinkling it on just a few items, such as shaving scallops, potato chips, or small pieces of fruit. If you have a difficult time visualizing your food in this manner, then consider using it on a cracker, or on some crackers or cookies. As you can see, there are numerous uses for truffle salt. For any occasion or food, this salty treat can add some zest to a dish.

In fact, it is not the salt that imparts the distinct flavor, but rather the distinctive scent of the truffle. When mixed with water, the oil naturally produces an aroma that is reminiscent of cherry blossoms, lavender, and chocolate. Some people claim this fragrance is more powerful than clove oil or eucalyptus oil, while others compare the taste to that of strong vanilla extracts. Regardless, of which type of aroma you favor, the reality is that you can always use a little of this sea salt around your home to help bring out the individual notes you prefer.

Another use for black truffle salt is to eliminate odors that come from meats. If you rub the powder on your food, you will quickly notice an almost instantaneous reduction in the strong fishy smell that comes from grilled food, for example. This same trick works quite well with poultry, such as removing the pungent smell of chicken and replacing it with a milder meat smell. Even fish can be freshened up with this unique earthy flavor.

There are several different grades of black truffle salt available, but one of the best known is 24 karat. This crystal clear powder can be used in just about any recipe and can enhance the aroma of baked goods, breads, and candies with a delightful hint of nutmeg and Clary sage. Because of its mineral content, the salt tends to lighten foods and beverages, allowing them to retain more of their mineral value. For instance, sea food tends to benefit from a little bit of black truffle sea salt to give it a fuller flavor and texture, whereas foods such as chocolate pudding can only benefit from a little bit of this versatile powder.

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