Corrugated cardboard packaging is the most effective material and is widely used for packing heavy and fragile goods. As environmental protection is one of the most important global concerns, corrugated cardboard boxes are now made from environmentally friendly materials. This cardboard box is usually used to pack fresh vegetables and fruit.

Corrugated cardboard is manufactured using a special process that provides high breaking, tensile, and tear strength. Corrugated cardboard packaging is also known as brown boxes that are very different from ordinary cardboard boxes. There are three or more layers of cardboard in the corrugated cardboard box and sheet. 

This cardboard layer forms the outer layer, while the inner layer is made of a tough material that prevents any kind of damage. The last film on corrugated packaging boxes is called liquid. The rubber applicator ensures the durability of the film by withstanding strong pressure on the custom shipping supplies being packaged.

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Using this material to package goods has the following advantages:

  • Corrugated cardboard packaging material is made from recycled cardboard boxes. Hence, you can buy this effective packaging tool at the lowest possible cost. In addition, the raw materials used to make it are organic materials, so there's no need to worry about throwing them away.
  • This material does not have sharp edges that can be damaged when packaging goods.
  • The outer surface of the box is smooth and can be easily painted. This property of corrugated packaging materials is useful in two ways. First, you can easily mark packaged items with a simple marker. Second, you can easily print on such boxes and use them for marketing purposes.
  • Boxes made of these things have a long-term guarantee and can be used for a long time.