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Easy Closet Organization Ideas For Small Closets

Whether your closet is small or large, there are many ways to organize it and keep your items in good condition. These ideas range from using bins to adding a valet rod. Here are some of my favorites: * Organize your scarves, knits, and other small accessories by category

Keeping your floor space as clear as possible

When organizing your small closet, the floor space is critical. Keeping your closet floor free of clutter will make it easier to locate items and keep them clean. It will also give your closet a more streamlined appearance. In addition to keeping your items clean, this space will also be useful for storing seasonal clothes, shoes, and other items.

To maximize your floor space, you should consider strategically organizing your items. If you have a small closet, most of your items will be in hard-to-reach places. Those in out-of-reach places should be items you use only occasionally. If you don’t need these items frequently, store them in a different area of the house or under a bed.

To avoid clogging your floor, consider using boxes or storage baskets to store your small items. Clear plastic boxes are ideal for storing shoes. Also, box-style hanging organizers can be mounted on the back of the closet door or rail. Unlike other storage options, these containers take up no floor space.

If you have extra floor space in your closet, consider using shelves to store bulkier items. Keeping the shelves and floor space clear will make it easier to access the smaller items that you keep in your closet. You can also use baskets or boxes to sort smaller items.

To maximize the space in your closet, make sure your hangers are in the same size. This will help keep the clothes in their place, as well as make your closet more efficient. You can also place a small coat rack in the corner of your bedroom.

Organizing with bins

There are several simple and affordable closet organization ideas. One of the easiest ways to create more storage is to use bins. They are cheap, easy to install, and will give you control over your wardrobe. Using bins will make organizing much easier, and you can tote them to different parts of your closet to clean them.

When organizing your closet, you’ll first need to sort through your clothes. Sort your items by size, color, and season. Then label them with your closet organization system. You can also hang dividers on your closet rod to keep clothes grouped by size. These will also make it easier to put away clean laundry.

Shelving organizers are another simple closet organization idea. You can place them on shelves to hold folded clothing and other small items. You can place them as close as necessary, or as far apart as needed. They also come in different widths, so they can be moved around to accommodate more items.

You can also use labels to make it easier to find the items you want. This is especially useful if your bins are opaque or on high shelves. Create labels using cardboard or craft paper and attach them to the bins. A label maker will make the process easy and fast.

Baskets and bins are also great for storing smaller articles of clothing. They’re ideal for storing belts, gloves, and tights. You can also store off-season clothing in them. They will help keep your closet organized and prevent your clothes from getting soiled.

Adding a valet rod

Adding a valet rod to a small closet is a great way to maximize the storage space available in a small closet. There are several benefits of this addition, including the fact that it can save a significant amount of time in the morning when putting together an outfit. A valet rod also allows you to swap out pieces quickly and easily.

This rod doubles the storage space available in a small closet. To make the closet even more functional, add a second rod toward the ceiling. You can even get a pull-down closet rod to make it easier to retrieve the clothes stored on the top rod. In addition, adding a valet rod will help you keep a more organized closet. This design is simple enough for anyone to install.

You can choose from several different types of valet rods, including metal ones, powder-coated steel, and wooden ones. You can choose the right one for your closet based on its size and style. If you’re short on space, you can get a smaller version of this rod.

Using open cubbies

Using open cubbies as easy, inexpensive closet organization ideas for small closets is an excellent solution for small closets. By installing breathable fabric bins, you can keep seasonal items out of the dust. They also feature clear windows and attached lids. They fit easily on shelves and can even be built into the closet floor.

You can also save space by hanging suitcases. You can attach hooks or an inexpensive shelf and hang them on the wall. You can also use suitcases as storage for light items. Adding a shoe condo is another great way to utilize unused space in a small closet. You can build one for less than $50 using MDF. You can find instructions on Tom Builds Stuff.

Another option is to buy a prefabricated cubby closet system. These units are great for storing shoes and other small items. They also make a beautiful addition to a small closet. You can find cubby-style units that will fit perfectly into your existing space. They are also customizable, so you can customize them to fit your needs and make them as unique as you are.

Open cubbies are also great for keeping shoes organized. You can hang shoes on a shoe rack, but it can be dangerous to climb onto the high shelves to find the right pair. Using cubbies keeps shoes organized and allows you to keep more pairs on a shelf.

You can also create an open wardrobe in your bedroom or living room. You can install storage cubbies and hanger racks on top to make your closet look neat. You can also use tiered hangers for displaying your outfits. This is also an easy way to create more space in a small closet and is perfect for a minimalist bedroom design.

Adding accessories

Small closets can be difficult to organize, but they can still be made to look stylish. By choosing fun wallpaper or a whimsical light fixture, you can turn a drab closet into a space that is fun to use. You can also fill open shelves with bins, jewelry organizers, and folded items to make them look more stylish. If you don’t have any open shelves, make use of a wall-length mirror.

Another easy closet organization idea is to add a coat rack. Traditionally, coat racks are found in mudrooms, but they can also work well in small closets. You can hang one on the wall or on the back of a door. These racks will allow you to store belts and other accessories in a stylish and convenient place. You can also buy a slim rolling cart to move the racks as needed.

Hanging organizers can also help you organize small items. You can use them to store accessories, such as hats and jewelry. You can also mount a belt and tie rack into your closet system to keep ties neatly together. Another useful accessory for small closets is a hamper to keep dirty clothes in a neat place.

You can also add a shoe rack or shelving to the closet. Adding shelves is an excellent way to streamline your space and add more storage. It doesn’t have to be a weekend project, and you can double the storage space with the addition of more shelving. Just be sure to label everything, so you can easily locate items.

Another easy closet organization idea is using dividers to separate items. These dividers will allow you to keep clothes arranged by color, season, or size. A clothes divider will also keep your hangers neatly together, making it easy to put your clean laundry away.

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