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Fleur De Lis: Vibrant Silver of the Sea

A salty cure believed to have originated in ancient Egypt, fleur de sel, or fleur de selen, has been enjoyed and sought after by many people ever since. But where did fleur de sel come from? How did it come to be so highly regarded?

fleur de sel

Fleur de sel is a very flavorful salt with a texture similar to that of molasses. Just one pound of Fleur de Sel yields about one Pound of Fleur de Sesamine which is approximately half an ounce of the flower of salt. Harvested mostly on cool breezy summer evenings in historic heritage ponds dating back to the Iron Ages, this mildly salty flavored stone was once considered so precious, it was only served to royalty. Today, its moisture content and delectable flavor is still coveted by many people and it is used to spice up foods and desserts.

When people buy fleur de sel, they are really buying a spice with multiple flavors. This means there is a wide variety of fleur de sel, each offering its own unique aroma and flavor. The fleur de sel with the most intense and flavorful smell is harvested from the salty waters off the Atlantic coast of Egypt. And because it contains such a strong aroma and taste, people tend to steer clear away from sea salt, which tends to lack the floral flavor and aroma.

However, despite its popularity, fleur de sel does not do well as a table salt due to its moisture content. As a result, its use as a food seasoning or in cooking is limited to external uses, such as sprinkling on salads or meat or fish. As a sweetening agent, it doesn’t taste very good, but some people do find it enjoyable for its pungent flavor. On the other hand, it can also contribute to the development of mold and bacteria if not kept at the right moisture content. And given that sea salt is usually harvested from the same waters where the ocean waters are laden with moisture, this contributes to even more dampness in the surrounding environment.

If you really want to enjoy fleur de sel for its amazing flavor and aroma, you can buy bulk fleur de sel from specialty salt providers online. Because of its pungent flavor, a pinch of fleur de sel should be sprinkled on your favourite foods and desserts to add to their appeal. You can also buy small packets of this fleur de salt for personal use, though you may want to buy larger quantities to season your home or commercial projects. Because it is highly concentrated, you may want to use a large amount of fleur de sel when cooking or baking foods that need a lot of salt, such as sauces or soups.

In fact, one should not limit their usage of fleur de sel to the culinary uses mentioned above. It can also be used as a fleur de merlot alternative or in cocktails to add a sharp, tangy twist to drinks, appetizers and desserts. It even pairs well with certain fruits, including apples, pears and mandarin oranges. So don’t be put off by the thought that this salt isn’t versatile. Instead, buy bulk fleur de sel and experience the wonderful taste of this fleur de lis that’s both rich and salty at the same time.

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