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Fleur De Sel – The Right Salt for the Best Taste

Fleur de sels are a salty crystal salt with a pungent odor reminiscent of marshmallows. It can be found in many places throughout Europe, Asia, North America and even South America. Fleur de sels are produced when natural sea water evaporates at a rapid rate. As the water evaporates, the crystals separate and float on the surface. It is a very fragile substance yet its silica content makes it ideal for drying and food preservation.

fleur de sel

Fleur de sels are made from seawater by combining mineral salts (salt) and sulfuric acid. As it turns out, this salty crystal salt is actually quite beneficial. When mixed with regular salt, fleur de sel manages to absorb much of the moisture present in seawater making it ideal for drying and dehydrating food products. Also, it is commonly used for health purposes like treating arthritis and heart conditions.

The fleur de sel crystals are formed by the evaporation process. The method works well when there are plenty of evaporated water on the ocean floor near coastal areas. As the water evaporates, the minerals present in the seawater start going to the air and thus releasing the salt into the atmosphere. As the salt starts to enter the atmosphere, it picks up moisture and expands. The salts then start settling to the bottom of shallow pools. Eventually, the accumulated salt becomes a rounded object that resembles rock salt.

Fleur de sels are often harvested during the winter months when the temperature of the sea water is lower. This allows the salt crystals to be harvested easily. Usually, there are a lot of fleur de sel harvesting companies that go about harvesting the salt right from the sea water. They can do this by using boats that are equipped with deep water holes. Usually, the harvesting is done right before the peak season since the waters are usually very crowded.

The taste of fleur de sel depends on how it’s produced and the way it’s seasoned. Generally, it has a salty taste since it contains a lot of minerals and salts. That is why it is sometimes considered as the regular salt but without the special branding. Many experts agree that the best way to experience its salty flavor is to have it prepared as fleur de sel soup. This is a salty soup that is made with the fleur de sel and white wine which has a hint of freshness.

But there are other salts that have a stronger flavor so aside from the fleur de sel, it’s best to try other kinds of salts. For example, there is caysweet or rock salt. These two salty varieties have their own distinct flavors that can’t be compared to regular table salt. It is known for its wonderful salty flavor that makes it really refreshing and great for those people who want to add a bit of kick to their meals. Some chefs even use these kinds of salts in order to spice up their cuisines.

While some chefs prefer the more traditional salty varieties, there are also people who are starting to develop their taste for the new tastes that freshen up their cooking. Some like the caysweet variety because of the moist feel of the flavor while others like the rock salt for its uniform texture. You may also opt to try combining different brands of fleur de sel together so you can experience the different tastes that come with each one. Just remember that the key to having a flavorful dish with fleur de sel is to adjust its moisture content appropriately so you can still enjoy its taste even if it changes.

Although fleur de sel is not exactly considered as the most popular salt around, it is one of the most favored by many chefs today. It doesn’t only taste good but also has a lot of benefits. Aside from the fact that it improves the taste of certain foods, it also has a lot of health benefits to help improve your overall health. Because of this, it’s no wonder why it’s now being included in more recipes and cuisines.

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