The best management can help you with one of them.

Crew selection and management

The best cruise management and superyacht partners handle crew selection and management (often referred to as "crew service"). Depending on your preferences, this can even lead to managing employment contracts, forwarding mail, medical insurance, and other details to the crew. 

If your cruise ship is to be used for commercial purposes, you should also ensure that the rules and regulations of the Maritime and CoastGuard Agency (MCA) are followed – your management company can help.  Passion Yachting marine management are popular for their quality yacht management services in Palm beach.

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Cruise ship operations management

Cruise ship operations management helps captains and crew members operate cruise ships on a daily basis. This discipline covers areas such as route time, the appointment of port agents and shipping planning. 

Whether you are just spending the weekend at Solent or you need a complete package for ocean yacht management, there are specialist companies to help you.

Complete cruise management package

Depending on your needs, you may consider a yacht management company to handle all or some aspects of your ship operation and management. The full management package takes care of everything that has to be done with your cruise ship to ensure that it is fully compliant with laws and regulations anywhere in the world.

In its most complete management, you can simply set out to meet your cruise ship whenever you want – sure that every aspect of the operation is at hand. You can even hire a cruise agency to take care of transferring your crew to the cruise ship.