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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

The pink Himalayan salt lamp is a must have addition to your kitchen pantry and any home. I grew up in the desert and have used many types of natural salt for scouring the surfaces of ancient artifacts in museums and even found just on the shores of my Grand Canyon vacation spot. These salts were very expensive and often unaffordable for the common person. We used the black “Dia de Amistad” or “Dia Montana” variety that came in cylinder-shaped rocks that one cracked open to reveal a salty treat inside. They tasted like fish!

pink himalayan salt amazon

Now days pink salt is cheaper and available in more decorative forms. Recently I bought some pink Himalayan salt from an online source, which was quite the treat. I was really drawn to the beautifully formed crystal sized rocks that were beautifully sculpted and shaped by nature. There were a few different species of pink salt, I was interested in, but ended up settling on only one – the Rock Salt of Peru.

The Inca used pink salt in their beautiful architecture and art, as did many ancient civilizations before them. These fine quality stones were used by the Aztecs of South America as well as the people of Chile and Easter Island. Today, they are a popular ornamental salt used in home salt lamps. Inca pink salt is actually a rare and exotic type of rock salt mined in the elevations of the Andes mountains. This pink salt has a pink tinge to it due to iron content and is considered to be higher quality than most types of commercial salt mined from the sea bed.

A great advantage to using the pink Himalayan salt lamp is that it is naturally fragrant. When you light it, the pink color gives off an almost tropical air smell – inviting you into a deeper experience of relaxation. My favorite kind of natural fragrant Himalayan salt lamps are those which feature an incense-like fragrance – reminiscent of the aroma of fresh jasmine or rose buds. Many of these fragrances include herbal combinations and essential oils – creating a relaxing, aromatherapy scent that helps relieve stress and tension. Most of these fragrances are very refreshing and invigorating aromas, creating a positive mood and setting the mood for a good night’s sleep.

I have found that regular incandescent lamps can pose a number of safety risks when used with household electronics. For example, using regular lamps to power a pink Himalayan salt lamp can pose a fire risk – especially when the electricity is run through a surge protector strip. It also poses a fire hazard with matches and batteries. To minimize this risk, I suggest that my Himalayan salt lamps are used with rechargeable batteries or, if desired, that I leave the lamps on permanently when not in use.

Another safety concern I have is with the natural gas leaking from the lamp. I have read online that there are lamps with carbon lamps that do not require any vents or venting – but I have not researched this extensively. If you are concerned about the safety of the lighting of your home, I would recommend that you invest in a halogen Himalayan salt lamp. These lamps tend to feature a longer life span than traditional incandescent lamps, as they have a much longer bulb lifespan – up to 20 years or more! In addition, halogen lamps can be installed in a wide variety of locations where traditional lighting may present a safety risk – including ceiling corners and around flammable objects, such as picture frames, books, and art supplies.

I am very pleased with the pink salt lamp that I purchased for my daughter’s bedroom. It has brought warmth and cheer into a room that was often cold and uninviting. The pink salt lamp has made it feel like spring all over her room. I love that it easily brightens up a room when we are reading or watching television. We really enjoy being able to see each other while we are studying. My daughter absolutely loves the pink salt lamps that she has in her room and has asked me to buy her a few more.

There is a huge selection of pink salt lamps at the Amazon site. You can choose from many different styles, colors, and shapes. I chose a beautiful pink Himalayan salt lamp with a clear cover. It is shaped like a heart and is made from white ceramic. It easily lights up my room during the night and even during the day when we are in bed, it looks great! If you are looking for a decorative accent to add a touch of color or beauty to a room, then I would recommend purchasing one of the beautiful pink salt lamps that are available at the Amazon site.

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