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How To Choose The Right Fine Sea Salt

The world’s largest producer of fine sea salt, the Laem Singh salt Mine in India has traditionally been known for its high concentration of coarse salt. Over the years it has been the source for a great deal of counterfeit and fake fine sea salt products that have flooded the market. These “salt replacements” have been created by manufacturers who are not aware that they are not authentic. With increased awareness over the last decade the salt industry has come under more scrutiny, especially in light of the salt shortage that occurred during the global economic crisis of the last years. The ban on the sale of Chinese seawater salt in the US was one measure that was taken in an effort to tighten the regulations on the importing of foreign salt. Many countries around the world have followed suite and banned the production and circulation of salt that is not specified by law.

This ban came as a shock to the industry but did not stop the trade in salt. Manufacturers found ways to continue to promote their fine sea salt brands. In an attempt to stay ahead of the competition new importers from China were introduced to the world. Importers quickly realized that by substituting their salt with Chinese or Indian salt, which had virtually no legal obligations, they could increase their sales and profits without having to increase the cost of the product to consumers.

Today, more than ever, consumers are aware of the importance of choosing salt that is produced legally. The growth of Chinese importers meant that salt that was produced in China was now reaching global markets. As a result, there has been an increased demand for the global fine sea salt products that had previously been limited to consumers in the United States and Europe. Chinese salts are not only cheaper but they also taste very similar to fine European salt.

While consumers continue to search for authentic salts, those that produce fine sea salt with origins in another country continue to grow. These salts offer consumers similar salt quality but at a lower price. It is possible to purchase salts produced by a company owned by an exporter, but finding authentic salts produced by a family owned business can be challenging. Many times it requires a trip to a retailer with experience in identifying authentic salts.

Many retailers offer salt samples to potential customers to help them learn about the salt they plan to purchase. In addition to offering salt samples, many retailers provide information on the variety of salt types available, including ocean, freshwater and salt crusted. While most businesses will sell sea salt, some will also sell freshwater, ocean, and land salts.

Many retailers who cater to the global fine salt market do so by offering a large variety of salts in a wide array of packaging, helping customers to find the right salt for their tastes. Global Salt Distributors offers a large selection of fine sea salt to choose from, often displayed next to their trademark products such as shakers and salt cookers. They also carry a large selection of premium salts for baking, sprinkling, and even for salt treatment. Global Salt Distributors frequently uses packaging options such as transparent pouches, zip bags, or biodegradable bags to help protect the fine salt from damage and make sure it is shipped safely. Retailers that prefer to purchase fine sea salt online should investigate the legitimacy of the company before ordering to ensure that they are purchasing the salt that they say they are.

Salt production is a multi-million dollar industry, contributing to the economies of several countries. The majority of salt producers are located in coastal areas, due to the warmer temperatures associated with the ocean. Although salt production has become increasingly efficient in recent years, there are still areas around the world where large amounts of salt must be dredged up from the ocean floor. Oceanic aqua gravel is used to collect the sediment from the ocean floor, but large scale dredging is necessary to extract salt from the ocean floors. Salt removal equipment is used to accomplish this, as well as special chemicals to break up the sediment and free the salt for sale.

As you can see, choosing the best fine sea salt worldwide is not an easy task. Global Salt Distributors and retailers who purchase their salt directly from the mine or ocean typically get their salt directly from the mountains or seas around the world. This provides them with the highest quality salt at the lowest possible cost. When you take your next trip to the grocery store, you will likely notice that many of the ingredients you use for cooking and baking have come from the salt mines and seas. With many retailers buying their salt from the ocean or mountains, it becomes evident how important it is to choose fine sea salt that is produced responsibly by legitimate companies. By taking the extra time to research the company you are purchasing your fine sea salt from, you are helping to save the planet, as well as your wallet.

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