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How to Create a Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Have you ever wondered how to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger? There are several options available to you, from manyChat to REVE Chat.


ManyChat is one of the most popular chatbot platforms on the market. It offers a variety of features that are designed to help you acquire new customers and convert them into leads. Using advanced chatbot software, you can send personalized responses that improve interactions over time. Moreover, many of its features are free, making it a great option for any business that wants to expand its audience.

The tools that ManyChat offers are intuitive and easy to use. They can help you generate leads, deliver promotions, and interact with prospects. You can even set up automated responses based on keywords. However, many of the features are limited.

With the ManyChat app, you can set up a bot that will answer questions for you and automatically direct customers to a landing page. You can also create a customized URL for your chatbot. This way, people can reach you via messenger, phone, or email.

ManyChat also provides a tool called the Flow Builder. This is a visual tool that makes it easier to understand how your conversation will flow.


When it comes to creating an effective Facebook Messenger chatbot, there are several tools to choose from. One of the most popular platforms is Botnation. This platform is easy to use, with an interface that is intuitive and multi-language friendly.

The platform also has a comprehensive tutorial and support system. Botnation experts are always on hand to help. It is also compatible with Google Assistant, and offers a range of customizations that will ensure a great user experience.

Although there are several other chatbot building tools out there, Botnation is the best one for the job. With a variety of functions and a free trial period, it is a good way to create a virtual assistant for your customers.

Using Botnation is an easy and efficient way to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The interface is uncluttered, and you’ll find all the variables you need right in one place. You can also configure the bot with custom buttons and send to Messenger, all without having to write a line of code.


REVE Chat is a chatbot solution that helps enterprises deliver a personalized customer experience and boost sales conversions. This AI-powered bot provides live support and real-time assistance to customers and prospects. It can also offer co-browsing, screen sharing, and voice/video chat.

The platform allows you to build and deploy bots in just minutes. No programming skills are required. You can choose features based on your business requirements.

Reve Chat is ideal for businesses with a high volume of customer communications. It allows you to manage conversations across multiple channels and provides advanced routing and dispute management. Plus, it is built to deliver top-notch customer support.

Its features include chat transcripts, auto triggers, and queueing. Additionally, it integrates with several platforms, including HubSpot, Facebook, and Viber.

You can create an account to try out the software. In addition, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial. If you are interested in a long-term subscription, you can take advantage of a 20% discount.

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