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Messenger Bot – Building a Personalized AI Assistant

Have you heard about a new bot system that will allow any website owner to create, manage and promote their online business? If you haven’t, I urge you to do so right now. In the past, people who wanted to get into the online business sector had to go through one of two things: they either had to learn complex computer code or hire someone that could do it for them. Both options are not only expensive, but they require no real skill except perhaps an ability to type well. (I am sure if you had some experience in coding you could code your own software however).

messenger bot

A messenger bot is a highly sophisticated piece of software that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with consumers on the internet. Simply put, this bot basically understands what’s being said and then can formulate an appropriate response in a very human manner. As you’ll see, automated robots have the ability to completely revolutionize customer support, messaging apps and online sales as we know it — all for the greater good. This doesn’t mean that you should go out and throw money at an A.I. program to create automated bots though.

First, I want you to understand how and why artificial intelligence can help in the design discussion area. At its core, a messenger bot uses a form of artificial intelligence known as conversational understanding. What this means is that it takes the pre-written text from the user and analyzes it to understand not only what the message is about but also how the consumer may be talking about when they say it.

For example, let’s say you go on to a Facebook chat application and say something like “hi” to someone. The bot will analyze the language, grammar and punctuation in that sentence and suggest a number of alternatives to your original statement. This is because of a natural language processing system known as a niche approach. In other words, it uses what’s already there in the message in order to suggest improvements.

Messenger bots are no exception to this. Many marketers have used these platforms as part of their marketing arsenal by creating customer queries and serving up responses via A.I. programs. These bots are often programmed to handle complex customer queries based on a set of pre-programmed rules. In turn, these systems provide valuable data that can be used to build up future strategies. In many cases, it can even make or break a certain sale.

However, these chats are not limited to just direct customer queries. Rather, chatbots also integrate with third party applications such as Facebook APIs to collect data from the chat. As previously stated, this information is gathered in a natural language processing system and used to suggest improvements. With the assistance of artificial intelligence, chatbots can now also deliver and analyze data from the social networks.

For example, if one of your bot friends posted a status update regarding the upcoming championship game, your bot will examine the message to analyze the sentimentality in the post and deliver a personalized recommendation. If it detects a strong emotional response or any other strong referencing, then it will most likely suggest that the user move on to some other chat bot. However, if the user responds positively to the first reference, it may indicate that he or she is ready for a more involved conversation. In essence, this new feature provides a human intelligence platform that allows Messenger Bots to both make recommendations and interact with active users.

This is just the beginning. Currently, most of these A.I. bots are limited to Facebook and Twitter. There are promises of more advanced capabilities, including ones that may allow your Bot to function as a productivity, SEO, or gaming box, but it will be some time before we truly see this technology at work.

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