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Places to Visit in Saginaw, Michigan

The city of Saginaw, Michigan, is the seat of Saginaw County and is a part of the Mid-Michigan region. It is also part of the Greater Tri-Cities region of Central Michigan. Here are some places to visit in the area.

Hoyt Library

The Hoyt Library in Saginaw, MI has long been the focus of paranormal activity reports. The building was constructed in 1887 and first opened its doors in 1890. Its original collection contained over 20,000 books and included meeting rooms. Since then, it has expanded and been remodeled several times. Today, the building houses a massive collection of books, local history, and other interesting items. It also hosts various events, including summer reading programs. A documentary film has even been made about the library.

In 1887, the Saginaw Public Library began construction on the building. It was designed by Van Brunt and Howe of Boston. The exterior was constructed using large limestone blocks and red sandstone trim. The building opened to the public on Sept. 26, 1887. Its interior is also beautifully decorated. The building has a rich history in the town of Saginaw, and has been the site of several ghostly sightings.

In 1882, a New York businessman, Jesse Hoyt, gave East Saginaw $100,000 to build a library. The Hoyt family owned the Bancroft House hotel, and other buildings in the area. The Hoyt Library was named for the man who helped the town grow and prosper.

Castle Museum

Castle Museum is a historical building that was once known as the Saginaw Post Office and Castle Station. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is now a museum that preserves the city’s past. It is a must-see for visitors to Saginaw.

The museum is located at 500 Federal Avenue in downtown Saginaw. It is accessible by STARS bus routes. Parking for visitors is available on the street for two hours. The museum also offers a visitor parking lot behind the building. Whether you are looking for a museum or a great day out in Saginaw, the Castle Museum will not disappoint.

The museum’s permanent collection features works from the 18th century to the present. It features a variety of mediums, including paintings, photographs, ceramics, and works on paper. It features many examples of British and French realism. It also has a garden that is open to the public and is free to view.

During the early 1900s, the Saginaw Valley was home to over 1700 coal miners. Visitors can tour a replica coal mine to get a glimpse of the harsh conditions. Another exhibit, Geared for Production, highlights the growth of the automobile industry in Saginaw. The museum’s Streets of Saginaw feature former businesses and a sports hall of fame.

The downtown Saginaw Farmers Market is a place to visit in Saginah. In the warmer months, fresh fruits and vegetables are available here. There is also a variety of crafts, natural products, and fresh fares from all over. If you’re into hiking, check out the Saginaw Valley River Trail. This trail is the longest wilderness trail in the city, and there are three access points to explore the area. In the winter, take a walk along the riverside and you’ll see some charming bridges.

Theodore Roethke Home Museum

The Theodore Roethke Home Museum is a museum dedicated to preserving the literary legacy of Saginaw-born poet Theodore Roethke. The museum restores one of Roethke’s childhood homes and provides educational and cultural programs for the community. In 2004, it was designated a National Literary Landmark. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Sites.

The museum is located on Gratiot Avenue, near the Handley and South Schools. The Roethke Foundation is a nonprofit run entirely by volunteers. In 2014, Dow Chemical Co. made a generous contribution to the museum by sending 100 volunteers to tour the house. Roethke was born and attended school in Saginaw, and continued to visit the city throughout his life. He died there in 1963.

For the 75th anniversary of Open House, the museum wants to hear from Open House owners. The museum has a list of about 1,000 copies of the magazine, and they would like to hear from the people who have them. The museum is planning to combine a census of owners with a storytelling effort. The museum will feature one story every week.

The museum offers summer camp for children. The children attend classes at the museum, and there are tutors on site. Students also participate in arts and crafts activities. Parents and grandparents of the children are often volunteers. Students learn about the life of an important poet and learn about the arts.

Theodore Roethke was married to his former student Beatrice O’Connell in 1953. Although the poet suffered from bouts of mental illness and heavy drinking, his wife remained devoted to him. She even arranged for his last volume of poetry to be published posthumously.

Fashion Square Mall

Fashion Square Mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Located in Saginaw, Michigan, it is home to a wide variety of national and local brands, as well as over 100 specialty retailers. It also features a 10 screen movie theater and several dining options, including TGI Friday’s.

Saginaw also offers a wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities for visitors. The city is full of natural attractions, museums, theaters, and zoos. You can also attend live events and enjoy the local entertainment scene. Saginaw is a great place to spend a day or night.

When visiting Saginaw, be sure to stop by the Saginaw County Veterans Memorial Plaza. The park features five circular structures, four of which are dedicated to World War II monuments. The last structure features three flag poles that represent different ceremonies. The plaza also has an engraved section honoring the families of fallen and wounded servicemen.

The Saginaw Museum of Art is free to visit, and is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM. Saginaw has a rich history and is filled with culture and arts. Take the time to visit the Saginaw Museum of Art, and you will be sure to enjoy your visit to the city!

Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge

The Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge in Sagatw Michigan is a 9,870.35-acre preserve operated by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. It’s a great place to go birding and see wildlife. Visitors can hike, fish, or take a boat tour.

This refuge is home to many migratory birds. It’s located just five miles south of Saginaw, and is part of the Lower Peninsula’s largest watershed. The Shiawassee River joins the Saginaw and Flint rivers and flows through the Refuge. It includes riparian habitat, bottomland-hardwood forests, and shallow managed wetlands.

Visitors can take a drive through the refuge on the Wildlife Drive or hike on the Ferguson Bayou Trail. The Refuge is open seasonally and is accessible by car. You can find it at 6975 Mower Road, south of Saginaw. You can find more information at the Violet Sky travel blog.

The Refuge is an important stopover site for Canada Goose migration. The wetlands support 48,000 waterfowl during their migration. This includes 20,000 Canada Geese and 23,000 mallards. The refuge also supports a breeding population of King Rail, as well as many other wetland species.

The refuge has four hiking trail systems totaling fourteen miles. The Ferguson Bayou Trail is a five-mile route through the dikes, and features a bird-watching observation area. The Woodland Trail is a five-mile trail through the forested bottomlands. The trail network is also popular with mountain bikers and cross-country skiers.

The Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge is situated near the confluence of several rivers. The Flint River and Saginaw Bay meet in the refuge’s drainage zone. The Saginaw River then drains into Saginaw Bay. During post-glacial times, this wetland served as a drainage zone for lower Michigan. During the 19th century, the watershed contained a rich wetland timber industry. As a result, the river became a valuable resource for timber companies. In the early 20th century, farmers attempted to tile-drain the land and turn it into arable land.

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