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Popcorn and Truffle Sea Salt Are a Match Made in Heaven

Truffle salts are very delectable and are known for their unique flavors and aroma. The question though is where do you purchase them? And more importantly, how to choose the best kind for your taste buds. Truffle is a kind of dry white powder with a slight odor. It is commonly used in desserts and candies and its versatility makes it a favorite among many.

truffle salts

In the past, truffle was only produced in the Alps and France but today it has become a worldwide phenomenon. As you know truffle salts have been saturated with truffle oil that makes the product go all out when it comes to its distinct flavor and aroma. Moreover, the demand for this salt has also skyrocketed in recent times. With this surge in demand, the competition in the market too has risen like a mountain. So, where do you purchase this earthy flavor?

Truffle is a kind of salty French pastry topping that originated during the Middle Ages as a filling for pastries. These pastries were first offered to children on Christmas eve as a gift. They were given a piece of bread covered in a light crust of crumbled fat. To sweeten the deal, the dough was topped with candied fruit or almonds. The first truffle was thus a delicious and savory combination of sweet, salty and aromatic flavors and was considered as a culinary delicacy by the time it reached France in the 11th century.

In these days, truffle salts get consumed in different forms. The traditional way is to consume them as a salty flavored spread. A big smile appears on most faces when they learn that truffle salts can be eaten the same way as their beloved pasty. Most people try to recreate the classic truffle salts taste like how it used to be enjoyed by their parents and grandparents.

However, as with everything else, there are different ways to make truffle salts. For example, using white truffles is a good way to make a very delectable variation of this classic dish. It adds that extra dose of truffle flavor by a teaspoon or two. The lightness of this flavor goes well with cream cheese frosting, which is considered to be the best truffle salt of today.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of dark truffle salts, then you can use this with some milk or heavy cream sauces. This will produce a very rich taste reminiscent of dark chocolate. This is another way of enjoying this salty treat without having to go through the difficult process of harvesting the said gems. The potential benefits of using this are also endless. Just make sure to have at least two truffle salts on hand so you can have variations in flavor whenever the mood takes you.

Many people love candied truffle salts for special occasions. This is why many manufacturers have included this ingredient in their products. The possibilities of using this are endless. You can use this in smoothies, cookies, ice cream toppings and even chocolate sauce for a more yummy twist. Again, since these are naturally sweet, this isn’t considered as a good food for diabetics or people who are diabetic.

Since it’s not easy to get all the nutrients you need from food alone, you should consider including truffle salts in your diet. You’ll get all the minerals and vitamins you need in one convenient, but flavorful salt. There’s no need to struggle to prepare healthy meals each day when you can enjoy tasty snacks like popcorn. Popcorn and truffle sea salt are a match made in heaven.

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