A successful corporate team building event needs elements of fun and challenge so that the event can have a positive effect on employee productivity and performance in the workplace. 

We have listed four fun team building activities that focus on ice-breaking/communication and problem-solving. If you want to explore regarding the team building activities, then browse this site.

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These corporate team building activities will encourage staff to get to know each other, promote healthy communication, give employees new focus, and inspire productivity.

2 x truth and 1 x lie – communication and icebreaker

Each team member writes down two truths and one lies about themselves on a piece of paper, which may not be revealed to anyone. After completion, the group has the opportunity for open conversation for about 15 minutes, during which participants can ask each other about their truths and lies. 

One question and one question only – Icebreaker

After participants have been divided into teams of two, the leader will ask: If you could ask just one question to discover if a person is suitable for the position of (…. insert job function…), what would you ask? 

Each person in the team will then come up with one question to discover if their partner would be suitable for that position. A variation would be to choose one 'position' and let each team formulate that one question together. 

Egg drop challenge – problem solving

This is a classic and very engaging problem-solving activity for corporate team building. The participants are divided into two groups and given the task to build packaging that protects eggs from breaking after dropping from a certain height. The group will need to have access to a variety of tools and materials to build their protective packaging.