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The Benefits of Using Kosher Sea Salt

When most people think of kosher salt, they usually picture sea salt. Unfortunately, kosher sea salt does not have the same health benefits as table salt. Sea salt has long been a favorite for its briny flavor and mineral content, but recent scientific research has linked its consumption to cardiovascular disease. To get the full benefits of kosher sea salt, it is important to choose kosher salt that is labeled ” Kosher” and has the symbol C.

To understand why kosher salt has been linked to cardiac health, it helps to understand the process of kosher salt harvesting. When salt rocks are tapped, minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium are released. However, as the water evaporates, the magnesium and potassium levels in the rock start to drop. In turn, the salt’s surface area declines, which in turn produces fine crystals known as kosher salt ( kosher salt has no trace of magnesium or potassium).

This decline in minerals makes kosher sea salt less healthy than regular table salt. However, these fine crystals do have a positive environmental benefit. As the crystals evaporate, they release their bound compounds, which become part of the ocean water. These compounds are healthy and floating free in the ocean. Therefore, when people eat kosher salt that has C’s on it, they are eating a healthier version of sea salt that has been produced naturally and without the added chemicals and contaminants found in factory produced table salt.

The environmental benefit also extends to kosher sea salt consumption. Because eating natural sea salt can be harmful to the body, most kosher salt is made with other substances that enhance its flavor. These other salts are used to help improve the table salt’s ability to taste better. The addition of the “ses” to the salt improves the overall quality and taste of kosher sea salt.

There is an additional environmental benefit to kosher sea salts that few people realize. When table salt evaporates, it leaves behind it’s chemical makeup. When this chemical makeup is exposed to air it can change into a flammable gas. Most people don’t realize this but you should always pay attention to the container that your table salt came in. Most table salt containers were not made to withstand being exposed to the air for too long and they may explode before you know it!

Kosher sea salts also have an additional natural health benefit. They contain trace minerals that are good for your health. These minerals will improve your immune system and help fight off diseases and illnesses. Therefore, adding kosher salt to your diet can benefit your entire well-being.

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