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Things to Do in Dyess Texas

If you’re visiting Dyess AFB in Texas, there are many things to see and do. There’s an AIR FORCE BASE, a MEMORIAL CENTER MUSEUM, and a Veterans Cemeteries, among others. The visual information is provided by the DoD but does not imply endorsement.


Dyes Texas Air Force Base is a former strategic missile site that was home to the 96th Bombardment Wing from 1962 to 1965. During that time, the base was home to B-52 and B-47 nuclear bombers. It also housed KC-135 refueling aircraft. From a historical perspective, the base has played a pivotal role in the Cold War. During this time, Dyess was under constant threat of a nuclear attack. In fact, the base was built with signs that notified pilots to avoid a nuclear attack. These signs remain visible to this day.

For those looking to live in the area, there are a variety of housing options. The base has three distinct neighborhoods with a mix of single family homes and attached homes. Most of the housing is owned and managed by the base, but there is also a great deal of rental property off-base. Base housing is open to any military member, from E-1 and up, and includes a limited number of handicapped units. There are also a few apartments for rent in the local area.

Dyess airport has an impressive collection of historic military aircraft. The Linear Air Park features over 30 aircraft from World War II to the present. Located along Arnold Blvd, the collection contains planes that have served their country in the military. Of the thirty planes, all but one have flown. At the front gate of the base, you can find the first operational B-1B Lancer, also known as “The Star of Abilene”. On the other side of Arnold Blvd is a recently retired C-130 Hercules.

Dyess Texas Air Force Base was once home to the 341st Bombardment Wing of the US Air Force. The wing flew the B-47 Stratojet. The 341st Bombardment Wing operated until 25 June 1961. Dyess changed its name to Dyess Air Force Base on 1 December 1956, and the name was changed to honor Lt Col William E. Dyess, who served as the base’s commander.

If you haven’t yet visited Dyess Air Force Base, you should consider checking it out. This small Texas base has a lot to offer visitors, from outdoor activities to a number of indoor venues. Its unique history makes it a fascinating place to visit.

For fun, check out the local museums. The Dyess Museum has exhibits on the history of Dyess Air Force Base. There are also tours available, as well as a variety of other attractions. The Abilene Golf Course is managed by Jimmy Saenz. You can also visit the Dyess Library, which features an award-winning bowling facility. You can even watch a movie every Saturday at 2pm in the Hangar Center.

The Air Force base is located in the city of Abilene, Texas, which is a military friendly city. Abilene is located west of Dallas and north of San Antonio and is the center of a 19-county region known as “The Big Country”. The city is the economic hub of the area, and is accessible by five major highways. It is located in Taylor County, near the geographic center of Texas. It is a moderately priced area. It has an average salary of $56,516 per person.


If you’re visiting Abilene, Texas, you may want to explore the Dyess Texas Memorial Center Museum and Linear Air Park. The museum has many artifacts related to the air force base. You can also walk around the park, which features 34 historic aircraft, including fighters and cargo planes.

The museum is dedicated to the history of the Dyess Air Force Base and the men and women who served there. It has exhibits and documents that tell the story of the base from 1942 to the present. There are also exhibits dedicated to World War II and the history of aviation at the base.


When visiting Dyess, Texas, you will be able to find plenty to do and see. This military community is located in Taylor County, approximately seven miles southwest of Abilene. You can find everything from shopping to bowling to outdoor recreation. Activities are categorized by type and can be accessed by clicking on the category below.

Dyess Air Force Base is one of the most important military bases in the country, and it is home to more than 13,000 active military personnel. While Dyess is much smaller than many other cities in the United States, it offers many unique things to do. The Big Country Hotel & Suites is conveniently located within a mile of the Dyess Air Force Base.

While in Dyess, take time to visit the Dyess Memorial Museum and Dyess Linear Air Park. The Dyess Memorial Museum houses artifacts from the air force base and is a great place to spend an afternoon. You can also visit the Dyess Linear Air Park, which has over 34 historic planes on display. You can even take a guided tour to learn more about aviation on the base.

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