There are many ways to know the existence of viruses in the human body and get out of them Elisa and Western splotch or blot are very popular today. The name Western Blotting is also called Western Blot. Elisa stands for immunosorbent test-related enzymes.

Assay Immunosorben Blotting and Western Connecting Enzymes (ELISA) are widely used in protein detection and they are specifically used in protein detection. Western blotting antibody concentration optimization have extensive applications in scientific research, industry, and medical practices. There are many similarities between these two types of testing. However, there are also many differences.

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What is Western Blotting?

The West Blotting method is usually used with high-quality antibodies directed towards the desired protein. This is a method in biology / biochemical molecular / immunogenetics to detect proteins in samples given homogenization or tissue extracts.

This technique involves the use of electrophoresis gels to separate mass-denatured proteins. Proteins are then transferred from the gel and to membranes and combine with special antibodies for protein.

Secondary antibodies can be colored and illustrated by a film. Films with protein bonds can be stored for a long time and scan the time that needs a quantity of protein content.

As a result, researchers can check the number of proteins in certain samples and compare levels between several groups. Other techniques also use antibodies to allow protein detection in tissues and cells.