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Tips For Organizing Your Pantry

The process of organizing your pantry can be overwhelming. It’s important to keep items where they belong, but you should also find new homes for items you frequently misplace. Here are some ideas to make your pantry organization easier. A few things to look for: Non-see-through containers, leak-proof lids, Stackable baskets, and Stackable bins.

Stackable bins

Stackable bins can help you get organized in your pantry by keeping pre-packaged foods separate and organized. Unlike regular jars, these containers have lids that prevent spills. They can also be used for storing canned goods. The DecoBros can rack is easy to assemble and holds up to 36 cans. It also features six adjustable plastic dividers to keep canned goods neat and easy to access. This product has over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Wire baskets are another great way to organize food storage products. They give a country kitchen look and are great for storing non-perishable items. These storage bins also have handles, which make them easy to carry from one place to another. Another useful storage option is ClearSpace plastic bins. These are great for storing bulk items like snacks and onions. They come in three sizes and are easy to clean.

Stackable bins for organizing your pantry can be expensive, but they are an excellent way to maximize your space. Some of these containers have slanted shelves, which allow you to store more food in less space. Other options include drawers that pull out to make the pantry deeper.

Non-see-through containers

Using non-see-through containers for organizing your pantry is a great way to achieve uniformity and make inventory management a breeze. These containers are also visually appealing. Choose stackable bins of a neutral color to create a uniform look. They are easy to clean with soap and water.

Non-see-through containers are great for organizing your pantry because they are opaque and do not allow visibility into the contents. These containers can be stacked and can be accessed easily without spilling food. Non-see-through containers make it easy for family members to find what they need.

Another great option is to invest in air-tight storage containers for your food. These containers are made of clear BPA-free plastic and come with reusable chalkboard labels. Whether you have a small or large pantry, this set of containers will fit just about any style.

Leak-proof lids

When you’re buying storage containers, look for leak-proof lids. These will keep your food items fresh and safe from bugs. You’ll also appreciate their air-tight seal. Whether you need storage containers for a large collection or a single set, these lids can keep your pantry neat and organized.

Leak-proof lids also prevent spills. This makes it easier to stack containers for organization. A walk-in pantry by Corey Damen Jenkins is a great example of how you can use a leak-proof lid. Instead of tearing open and spilling your food, the jars can be placed on racks instead of in drawers.

Food storage containers with lids come in a variety of styles and sizes. The Rubbermaid 60-piece set is a great starter set. If you prefer a glass style, you can also try the Bayco glass food storage containers with lids. They are beautiful and functional, making them great for storing leftovers and meal prep.

Stackable baskets

Stackable baskets are a great way to keep your pantry organized. These versatile storage containers come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit your needs. Many of them feature handles to make them easy to move. Some are made of metal, while others are made of plastic.

You can use flat containers to store cereal, grains, nuts, and rice. You can also order custom-made containers that slide out from shelves and allow you to get to the items you need. You can even install a pegboard on a free wall in your pantry to display heavy items.

Wire baskets are also a great option for pantry organization because they are very practical and make accessing storage easier. They are easy to open and close, so kids will be encouraged to help you organize your pantry. For little kids, choose large open bins, while tweens and teens will enjoy containers that have pop-up lids, locking lids, or screw-top lids. Using these bins will help you keep your pantry organized and free of clutter.

Aside from stackable baskets, you can also use wall space in your pantry to store non-food items. A wall-mounted bag dispenser will also make a great addition to your pantry’s organization.

Wall space

One way to utilize the empty space on the walls of your pantry is to hang organizers. These can be used to store items like spices, cans, and oils. These are easy to use, and they will keep your pantry organized. One of the best parts of hanging organizers is that you can easily update their contents.

You can also use a basket to store small items, such as paper bags. This can be stored on the higher shelves. This will allow you to see what you’re storing and access it easily. Another great idea is to use Command hooks to hang aprons and towels.

You can also use wall space to store non-food items. For example, if you want to store water bottles, you can place them near the bottom shelf, while heavier items should be stored high up, so they’re accessible to you. You can also hang bins with dividers for storing different types of snacks. This way, kids won’t have to go far to grab a snack.


One of the best tips for organizing your pantry is to use a variety of containers. You can use large clear airtight containers for items that are frequently used, and smaller ones for less frequently used items. You can also buy storage carts for your pantry, which are convenient to move and can be stored when not in use.

Bins can be an excellent solution to keeping items upright in your pantry and can prevent spillage from the door when you open it. They also act like drawers, making it easy to access products at the back. Some are built-in, while others are pull-out. Lazy Susans are another great idea for organizing deep shelves. They make even the most awkward cabinet corners accessible.

Using containers with leak-proof lids is another great way to keep everything neat. You can stack these containers so they aren’t likely to spill. These containers can also be used for storing cleaning supplies. Other items to be organized include food processors and slow cookers.


If you’re tired of your cluttered pantry, try these tips to make it look neater and more organized. Start by categorizing your pantry items by type. Then, label them and place them in bins. If you’re not sure where to put certain items, you can use a bin to hold them in an easy-to-access place.

Store larger items at the bottom. This is the best place to store things like dog food, large bins of onions or potatoes, and extra shopper bags. Store smaller items like aprons and towels on higher shelves. Make sure you label them clearly, so that you know where to find them when you need them.

You can also divide the pantry into zones. One shelf or half-shelves can be designated for baking ingredients. Another shelf can be designated for other items. A baking sheet can be used to corral items in a similar area. This will allow you to keep more organized and accessible.

Turntables are another option for organizing your pantry. These help you save space and offer easy access to all jars. There are several different styles to choose from, and they help you achieve the most organized look. You can also use baskets to store snacks. This will keep the pantry less cluttered, and it’s also easier for kids to reach the items.

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