New York sexual harassment prevention training mandates from New York City and State require training for both managers and employees. This makes New York the second largest state in the US (after California) to do it.

Beyond this sheer increase in employees who require training, New York’s sexual harassment mandate represents a significant change in approach: from sexual harassment prevention as a management to one that joins policy, leadership buy-in, and employee education to create workplace cultures intolerant of harassment.

These legislative requirements have given local businesses a choice: Purchase training content, get New York City anti-sexual harassment training certification online or create their own based on content guidelines and models from regulators.

No two sexual harassment prevention laws are the same

Before diving into the details of the both New York City and New York State requirements for employers, it is important for HR and adherence professionals to understand which law to obey.

Fortunately, it’s not complex. New York City Ordonance applies to all businesses with 15 or more employees, while state laws cover all city businesses within the state border, regardless of its size. In addition, laws include employees of all companies bidding New York’s contract, regardless of the country where they work.