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Weather and Places to See in Guntown MS

Typical weather in Guntown is typically warm and humid, with a pronounced summer heat. The drier, cooler months are generally best for beach and pool activities. We’ve also listed some places to see and things to do in Guntown.

Typical weather in Guntown

Guntown has a temperate climate with long, hot summers and mild, dry winters. It is partly cloudy throughout the year, with average temperatures ranging from 34degF to 90degF. It rarely gets colder than 19degF, and the winter months are generally dry, with only a few days a year when precipitation is heavy. The average annual precipitation in Guntown is about 56.5 inches.

The typical month of Guntown MS has cloudy skies for 52% of the year, with rain occurring just 3% of the time. In January, the chance of a wet day is 7% higher than the overall chance. However, the probability of wet days increases from month to month. From December 8 to August 21 there is a 31% chance of a wet day. The wettest month is June, with 11.5 days having a minimum of 0.04 inches of rain.

Guntown’s topography consists of moderate elevation changes, with a maximum elevation change of 144 feet within ten miles. The average elevation is 383 feet. The area is mostly covered by forests and cropland. Within two miles, trees cover about 60% of the area.

Guntown MS is located in Lee County. The area has a diverse population, including many young professionals and families. Guntown is conservative and has an excellent public school system. Despite its rural setting, Guntown is also home to an American Civil War battle called the Battle of Brices Cross Roads. It is part of the Tupelo micropolitan area.

The temperature in Guntown MS varies based on the season. During the winter, the temperatures will be cooler than normal. The coldest periods will be around early December and late January. The snowfall will be above normal, with the best chances for snowfall occurring in early January and mid-February. In the spring and summer, temperatures will be slightly warmer. The sun will shine for 10 hours and 55 minutes each day.

Best time of year to visit for hot-weather activities

If you’re interested in swimming pools, water parks, or other hot-weather activities, the best time to visit Guntown is in the warm summer months. Between June and July, the city is typically sunny and the UV Index is above seven, making it a prime time for these activities. The coldest months are January and February, with low temperatures hovering around thirty-four degrees and high temperatures hovering around fifty-one.

Museums are a great way to learn about the history of this town. While you’re in town, you can explore the local art and culture at the Mississippi Museum of Art, where you’ll find paintings, sculpture, quilts, and more. You can also visit Pickwick Lake and the J.P. Coleman State Park, which is located near the border with Alabama. The state park has rustic camping, cabins, cottages, and motels.

Summers in GUNTOWN MS are warm and humid thanks to the state’s subtropical climate and the influence of the Gulf of Mexico. Although temperatures on the coast can reach the mid-30s, the relative humidity is often above 40 percent, making the weather uncomfortable.

July is the hottest month, with temperatures ranging between eighty degrees Fahrenheit. However, summer is a great time to spend outdoors, with beaches, ziplining, and other water activities. In addition, you can visit the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and enjoy concerts and events. While you’re there, you’ll also find some exciting water races, like the Smokin’ the Sound Poker Run.

The best time to visit for hot-weather activities in GUNTOWN MS depends on your plans. Depending on the activities you’d like to do, you can plan your visit between the early summer and early fall. Winters in GUNTOWN MS can be colder, but the temperatures are still mild.

Cooler and drier seasons in Guntown

The drier season in Guntown MS lasts for about 3.6 months, from August 21 to December 8. During this time, there are fewer chances of rain than during other seasons. The chance of rain is 39% during June and 27% during August. The wettest month is December, which receives about 5.3 inches of precipitation per month on average. In contrast, February is dry and experiences very few rainy days.

The weather in Guntown MS varies greatly throughout the year. From February 20 to December 24, Guntown experiences its most windy season. During this period, average wind speeds reach more than 6.2 miles per hour. During the calmer part of the year, from May 17 to October 25, the average wind speed is 4.6 miles per hour.

During the cool season, the average high temperature is around 59 degF. The coldest month is January. The average low temperature is only 34degF. The average high temperature in January is 51 degF. The thin dotted line indicates average daily temperatures.

Places to visit in Guntown

The climate in Guntown MS is moderate and mild with long, hot summers and mild, short winters. The area experiences partly cloudy weather throughout the year. Temperatures generally range from 34degF to 90degF, and rarely dip below 19degF. In Guntown, the hottest season lasts for 3.9 months.

Rainfall in Guntown varies considerably throughout the year. The wettest month is December, with a rainfall of 5.3 inches on average. In contrast, August sees only 2.7 inches of precipitation on average. During the wetter months, the chance of precipitation is much greater.

The average hourly wind speed in Guntown MS varies considerably. During the windiest part of the year, between October 25 and May 17, the average wind speed is over 6.2 miles per hour. The least windy month is February. The most muggy month is July, with 27.3 muggy days.

The topography of Guntown MS varies. The city’s elevation ranges from 383 feet to 144 feet. There are modest variations in elevation within a ten-mile radius of Guntown. Within this radius, the area is mostly made up of trees. Trees cover approximately 63% of the land.

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