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Weather and Places to Visit in Guntown MS

When you plan to visit Guntown, MS, you should know about the average weather. Typical weather in Guntown includes clearest and rainiest days. You can also read about the clearest month and days with most rain. In addition, you can get a general idea of the pleasantness of the weather in Guntown by checking out the travel scores below.

Typical weather in Guntown

Guntown is a small town in Mississippi that experiences a varied climate. The wettest month is December, while the driest is September. On average, Guntown gets 57 inches of precipitation each year, with only one inch of snowfall. The average number of sunny days in Guntown is 213 and there is only one month of significant snowfall.

Weather in Guntown MS is comfortable for the most part. However, there are times of the year that are extremely muggy. Between May and October, Guntown experiences at least 23% of its average mugginess. July has the highest muggiest days of the year, with 27.3 muggiest days. By contrast, February experiences the lowest number of muggy days, with only 0.0 days. However, the exact climate of Guntown depends on the topography of the area and can change minute to minute.

The average hourly wind speed in Guntown varies significantly throughout the year. The windiest month is March, with an average speed of more than 6.2 miles per hour. During the calmest months, May and July, the average wind speed is only 4.6 miles per hour.

Typically, Guntown has long summers and short, cold winters. Its climate is partly cloudy year-round, with temperatures ranging from 34degF to 90degF. The coolest month is January, with an average temperature of 34degF and a high of 51degF.

Days with most rain

For the purposes of this article, a wet day is defined as a day with at least 0.04 inches of liquid equivalent precipitation. The average amount of precipitation in Guntown varies throughout the year. From December to August, the city experiences about 56.5 inches of rainfall. December is the wettest month in Guntown, with over 50% of the days with rain or snowfall. August experiences less rain than December, with only about a half-inch of snow.

The average elevation in Guntown is 383 feet. The climate of the area is humid, and there are many seasons that bring with them varying climates. The temperature in Guntown can be unpredictable depending on the seasons and the time of day. The average daily temperature is 44.4 degrees, and the mean high temperature is 82.5 degrees. The temperature can vary significantly from one day to the next, so it’s important to keep this in mind when planning your trip to Guntown.

Guntown has a humid, hot climate with long summers and short winters. The temperature rarely falls below 19 degrees and rarely goes above 97 degrees. Guntown’s weather is mostly cloudy all year, and most days are between 34degF and 90degF. In addition, there are a few days with precipitation, but they are rare. Despite these conditions, Guntown’s weather is generally considered mild.

Clearest month of year

The clearest month of the year in Guntown, Mississippi is August. On average, Guntown gets just 0.0 inches of snow per year during this time. However, this figure can vary widely, depending on the topography of the area. There are many factors that can affect the amount of snow in a location, including the elevation of the site and the amount of humidity within it.

The most rainy month in Guntown is December. The least amount of precipitation occurs in September. There are 213 days of sunshine per year. The most precipitation occurs during the Spring season, with 27% of precipitation falling during this time. In winter, Guntown experiences 1.2 inches of snow annually.

The cool season is 2.9 months long, and the coldest month is January. The average high temperature is below 59 degF during this time. The clearest month is August. The hottest month is July, while the coolest month is January. The clearest day of the year is typically the second week of August.

The driest month of Guntown is October. Guntown experiences fewer than thirty days of rain per year during the dry season. Rainfall in Guntown is split into three types, rain alone, snow alone, and a mix of the two. The rainiest day of the year in Guntown is June 16, with a 39% chance of rain or snowfall on June 16.

Mostly cloudy with scattered showers

The weather in Guntown will be mostly cloudy with scattered showers throughout the day. This weather forecast is based on historical hourly weather reports. This means that temperatures in Guntown will be around 84 degrees Fahrenheit, or 35 degrees Celsius. In addition, there will be moderate variations in elevation, with a maximum change of 144 feet within 10 miles. Moreover, the area’s vegetation is mostly comprised of trees and cropland, which accounts for about 63% of the total area.

The amount of precipitation in Guntown varies throughout the year. The average rainfall in Guntown is 5.3 inches in December and 2.7 inches in August. The wettest months are April and May with more than a third of these months being muggier than the others.

Generally, the weather in Guntown MS is partly cloudy year-round. The average temperature is around 34degF during the summer and 35degF during winter. The coolest month is January with a low temperature of 34degF and a high temperature of 51degF. In the middle of summer, the weather in Guntown MS is mostly sunny and warm with only a few days of rain.

Monday will be hot and humid. The dew point temperature will be in the low 70s. The heat index is expected to reach a high of 87 degrees on Monday. On Tuesday, the skies will be partly cloudy. The dew point temperature will remain in the low 70s. There is a chance of scattered showers in the afternoon.

Activities to do in hot weather

During hot weather, there are several different activities you can participate in. Some of the options include backyard sprinklers, splash pads, and water balloon fights. These activities are ideal for families because they provide an opportunity to stay cool and enjoy the outdoors. You can also visit the local zoo or aquarium.

The climate in Guntown is relatively mild, with long, hot summers and relatively short, cool winters. The average temperature in Guntown is 34degF during the cold season and 93degF during the hot season. There is a seasonal pattern, with the hottest months occurring in the second and third weeks of August.

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