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What Are Public Proxy Servers and How Do They Work?

A proxy server offers a protective gateway between you and the World Wide Web. Proxy servers help to enhance general web security and can guard you against malicious online traffic. Using proxies can give you an added layer of protection for your computer system.


There are various kinds of proxies available on the Internet today. A proxy server can hide your IP address from the end user, so that when that user visits a website he or she will not be aware that he is surfing on a website that is not intended for them. In other words, the proxy servers hide your IP address and instead send that IP address of someone else. Such a kind of service is often used for browsing privacy protection and other kinds of Internet security concerns.

How does a proxy server work? When a client enters a web page in an Internet browser, he or she is normally asked to insert a valid email address and some basic information. The proxy server intercepts these requests for data and processes them in an unusual way. For example, it may post the request to a series of IP address servers until it is satisfied. Then, the requested data is then anonymously transmitted back to the client’s computer through the Internet. This anonymous transmission is the source of the problems that have lately plagued Internet security and privacy.

Some of the reasons that anonymous proxies are useful for those who wish to browse the Internet anonymously include guarding against SPAM, parental control and filtering, Internet security concerns and anonymous email. To take advantage of the protection afforded by anonymous proxies, you need to find a reliable proxy server. Fortunately, finding such a server is very easy with the help of this article.

Proxy databases sometimes offer a list of popular IP address proxy servers. However, the lists they provide are usually out-of-date, so they cannot accurately provide accurate IP address results. If you want to buy IP hiding software, make sure the program you buy offers anonymous browsing as one of its features. Most of the time, you can buy such software with a discounted price if you buy it at the right time.

You can also use proxy servers to hide your browsing history and information from Internet users. When you visit a website that restricts the kind of information you can look up, you will most likely be asked to enter a password or create a unique username and password before being allowed access. Similarly, if you visit a website that requires you to enter a different name or screen name when you’re viewing its content, you will also be asked to do so. Hiding your IP address or changing your IP address through a proxy server allows you to surf freely online without worrying about your Internet content restrictions. Some of the benefits of using anonymous proxies to browse the Internet include:

Clients that use transparent proxies often use them to protect their privacy on the Internet. Many companies that run websites that offer sensitive or classified information online often use “cloaked” Internet connections to prevent unauthorized access. Some other common uses for these types of services include protecting against harassment, preventing the tracking of Web surfing habits, and concealing personal information from hackers. As you may have guessed, the most popular IP changing software programs that allow you to hide your IP address or change your IP address’s are often used by Internet service providers or advertisers. Some of these programs work by redirecting your request for content to another web page instead of directly to the intended destination.

Although most of the public proxies that are used online are free, not all of them are safe. Some of these proxy servers are often used for criminal activities. In addition, some of these proxies could conceivably disclose your personal information to other third parties, including the Internet service provider, computer network administrator, or a computer hacker. Thus, while the most popular IP changing software programs are free from viruses or spyware, you should still be cautious about the type of proxy server you use.

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