Mulch mowers are preferred over non-mulch mowers because the cuttings are not collected and removed, but fall in the lawn between the grass and rot to provide nutrients. This means that there is no need to fertilize the grass.

With an automatic lawnmower, the grass is mowed repeatedly without human intervention so that the cuttings are so small they are not visible in the yard.

The robot can be programmed to cut as often as it deems necessary to make the clippings very short – a few millimeters or more. You can also purchase an automatic lawnmower online for more convenience.

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The automatic lawn mower is – once installed, the lawn is mowed automatically even on sunny, dry days without freezing in winter. There are no fossil fuels used, no storage space required, and all these benefits mean the grass is automatically nourished and mowed and always looks neat, evenly green, and beautiful.

All automatic lawn mowers are mulchers, so you won't need a pile of rotten clippings hiding behind a fence. A box full of grass clippings is heavy, takes a long time to empty, and can smell bad. When you sit in the yard, you want to smell the flowers, not the compost heap!

Since these automatic mowers are available in a variety of sizes, there is one for all grass from small suburbs to 4 acres.