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Will Facebook Messenger Bot Replace Customer Matching in Facebook?

What is a Facebook Messenger Bot? It is an application designed for use with the Facebook Messenger service available on Facebook. In simple terms, a bot is a small piece of application that is using artificial intelligent software to converse with people in chat rooms or online communities. A bot is also programmed to know the best questions to answer, give answers and help people while using this artificially intelligent software.

facebook messenger bot

However, it seems that the bot can be easily used by everyone including teenagers who are using Facebook Messenger. This is because everyone is aware of the Facebook chatbot. Even those users who are not actively using the social media site might be familiar with it. The bot has become a handy tool which can be used by anyone. However, as many teenagers have realized, it has some limits as far as personal security is concerned. The truth is that a person cannot be too careful while using such programs like facebook messenger bot since they might be able to read private messages or images.

Therefore, teenagers must be very careful while using such a bot. But even though a teenager might not have any idea about how the facebook messenger bot works, he or she should be able to protect themselves. For example, they can set the bot to send messages only to people who they know. Moreover, teenagers should be cautious about the information which they would want to give or receive from these artificial intelligent bots. They should make sure that their conversations are protected.

There are a number of disadvantages which might arise if a teen uses these programs without being aware of them. One of the most serious disadvantages which might occur is that teenagers might reveal their true identity to many chat sites which might allow hackers to obtain valuable data from them including bank details and passwords. Therefore, Facebook has introduced a new feature which limits the access of the bot to certain groups of people and blocks the others.

Therefore, although Facebook has introduced a chat safety feature, it does not mean that they have completely protected their customers from hackers and others. In fact, Facebook Messenger now has one of the biggest user base after Google. However, Facebook’s Chat security will always remain limited to a certain extent. Apart from this, according to recent reports, many fake accounts have been created using Facebook messenger which are actually used by hackers to collect confidential information. So, the overall security of Facebook chat Bots might be slightly above average, but users must keep a close watch on these bot activities to safeguard themselves from fake accounts.

In conclusion, Facebook Messenger Bot might not be a replacement for Customer Matching or Social Ads feature of Facebook but it can certainly make things easier for the company in several ways. This chat bot allows the user to create custom profile pages and allows easy discussion of general issues, ideas, and news with friends. However, the Chat security is still questionable at the moment and requires users to be more careful. In the end, it will be difficult to predict whether this bot or the Facebook brand itself will emerge as a winner. Only time will tell!

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